Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Orleans: Your Summer Long Caribbean Experience

We have been busy!
After months of planning, on May 15th, 2013 Councilor Monette was able to publicly announced his vision of a collaborative effort for the 3 Caribbean centric festivals/events that make Petrie Island their destination of choice.

Below please see the official release by Councillor Monette and staff.


Here is a picture from the media launch:

L: David Mason, N. Nault, Miss Ina, Councillor Monette, Hickson,
Jamie Kwong (Exec. Dir of Orleans)  and Trevor Mason. 

Left Costume: Represents the Spanish influences that are dominant in many islands in the Caribbean and of course Latin American- Samba Princess.(Designed by Mr. Payne)

Right Costume: French/English inspiration that depicts the heat and the passion of the people, with the dominent colours being gold and orange but shaped like fire. Fire Strater ((Designed by Toni)

Costumes depicted at this presentation were provided by members and affiliates of Club S.O.C.C.A.

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